Experimentation Field for the Digital Transformation in Crop Farming

In the coming years, the ongoing process of digitization will bring about rapid changes both in agricultural day-to-day operations and the farmer’s job profile. The experimentation field Agro-Nordwest will focus on farmers in crop production and their realistic working environments to develop solutions and approaches that meet the requirements of the future.

The early involvement of users is one success factor in utilizing the potentials of digitization. It is also an important prerequisite to exhausting these potentials, and to more precisely gauging the risks of unintentional effects through testing in realistic pilot projects.

Improvement of agricultural practices

Effective experiment and operation structures make it possible to test the latest technologies in process automation and optimization for practical use in diverse structures of operation. In this way, the potentials of the digitization of agricultural production systems as a means of tackling economic, technological, environmental, and social challenges can be tested and evaluated in operational surroundings.   

Transfer of technology and knowledge

One goal is to significantly improve the implementation of new technologies and research findings in agricultural practice. New Insights and solutions will be communicated to a general public.

Applied research in a realistic testing environment

With the current network coverage ranging from 0 to 4G, there will be experiments focusing on the fluctuating network coverage bandwidths. The connectivity of the machines will be field tested. The collected data will facilitate comparative studies between conventional technology and digital farming, allowing for analyses of potentials for success.

Risk and impact assessment

A evaluation of digital farming technology will point toward possible improvements through the use of resource and environmentally friendly production processes. Furthermore, there will be technology assessments with regard to the handling of data as well as research into its possible effects on what it means to work in agriculture.

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